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The child generally enters the Casa program in the September of the year in which he or she turns 3, provided they are toilet-trained. A child who is not toilet-trained at this time may be able to start later in the school year at the discretion of the Principal and the class teacher.

This is the ideal age to start. At this early age, the child is developing the intellectual skills of concentration, perception and mental organization. The personal skills of physical coordination, social awareness, independence, initiative, self-confidence and self-discipline are also learned at this time. This age-sensitive potential fades as the child grows older.

There are up to 24 students (2 1/2 to 6 years) who attend together in one class, five mornings a week. Year 2 children also attend three afternoon sessions. These extended-day students stay for lunch, recess and an enrichment program designed especially for their age group. Finally, the Year 3 students have a full five-day program, again designed specifically for their age group. When the child has completed the three-year preschool program, he/she has acquired many skills and is ready to blossom into an elementary program. (Grade 1).

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