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Preschool Program
Children enter the program during the year they turn three years of age and when they are toilet trained. A child over 3¾ years of age will be admitted into the program if there are spaces available and both parents and teachers feel the child will be comfortable in the Montessori environment.

The admissions process is as follows:

1. Interested parents are asked to set up an appointment to observe the class without their children so they can fully focus on classroom activities.

2. We will be happy to answer any questions either at the school or by phone.

3. If parents are still interested, we will then arrange for the child to visit the classroom.

4. Admission decisions are based on an evaluation of the child’s school visit and a discussion with the child’s parents to determine if the child would be comfortable in the program and whether the preschool can meet the individual child’s and parents’ needs.

5. You will be notified in writing as to whether or not your child has been accepted into the program.

NOTE: Spaces in the Casa fill quickly. It is a good idea to express your interest as early as possible to avoid being disappointed.

Elementary & Erdkinder Programs
There are a limited number of spaces available in the Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary and Erdkinder classrooms. The admissions process in these programs is as follows:

1. Parents interested in finding out more about the school can call to arrange for a classroom observation and teacher meeting.

2. An interview with the child and parents is scheduled in order for the child to visit the classroom.

3. The child will be informally assessed academically and socially for placement purposes, and the parent must give the Muskoka Montessori School permission to contact the child’s former school to discuss academic and social history. A written evaluation from the child’s previous teacher may be required.

4. Once all the relevant information and factors have been taken into consideration, a formal letter outlining the school’s decision will be sent.

5. Upon acceptance, the parent officially registers his or her child with the school by providing the following:

– a completed application form
– a $500 non-refundable tuition deposit within two weeks of the receipt of the acceptance letter
– three post-dated cheques for the trimester payment plan
– photocopies of the child’s immunization record

There is a 5% discount for the first sibling, 10% for the second sibling and 15% for the third sibling.

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