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Elementary (grade 7 and 8)

Erdkinder is elementary school for grades 7 and 8.

The goal of the Montessori Erdkinder (“Children of the Earth”) program is to provide an educational environment that nurtures the early adolescent’s unique developmental needs. Maria Montessori emphasized that this stage in life presents a special opportunity for adolescents to develop and express their own passions and interests. The Erdkinder teacher seeks to foster and encourage the student’s search by assisting the student in identifying his or her place in our local community in two ways. Firstly, through experience with the land and in volunteering in our community. Secondly, all students are given time to reflect upon their role in the larger world community and to develop the skills required to thrive in it.

Whilst facilitating personal growth and individual expression, the Erdkinder Program provides a rigorous academic experience which is based upon Montessori philosophy and is rooted in the rich history, ecology and culture of Huntsville and Muskoka. It is our hope that students will reach their full potential as scholars while learning to be self-reliant, responsible members of their community.

Students are encouraged to move towards 1) proficiency in critical problem solving and 2) integration into future schools, careers, and civic life.

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